Some life events engage the law. One of those is your client losing their housing.

Information to collect from your client:

  • What led to your client having to leave the home? Was it a landlord, roommate, or spouse or partner? If it was the landlord, did they give the client an eviction notice?
  • Did a conflict lead to the eviction? For example, domestic dispute, fight between tenants, argument between landlord and tenant. Does your client feel unsafe? Were the police involved?
  • Was your client allowed to collect their personal belongings?
  • Does your client need emergency housing or financial support?

Potential legal issues:

  • Illegal eviction -- A landlord must follow certain processes to evict a tenant from a rental property. If the landlord does not follow these processes, the tenant may be able to stay in the property or receive financial compensation.
  • Violence --If your client lost their housing due to violence, there may be several legal issues at play depending on your client’s role. If your client needs a court order to keep an abuser away, connect them with legal help right away.

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