In contrast to legal advice, legal information is general information about the law and processes. Service providers can and should help clients access reliable information to deal with their legal issues.

Actions that are in line with giving legal information include:

  • Referring to resources
  • Showing how to search
  • Explaining what a law says
  • Outlining possible options
  • Explaining processes
  • Defining common legal terms
  • Telling a person to get more help

Language that is in line with giving legal information include:

  • “You might consider doing …”
  • “I can tell you how the law generally works”
  • “Your options are … but you must decide what to do”
  • “You can find a lawyer by…”
  • “You can find case law online at …”
  • “You can go to this clinic for more help”
  •  “You can try here to find more information about that type of problem”

Last modified: Monday, 15 May 2023, 4:46 PM